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Digital Media - Dreamwarrior

The Dreamwarrior is our own section to support and inform you about our extensions for Macromedia Dreamweaver.

All the extensions runs with Dreamweaver 3-4 and Ultradev. You need the Extension Manager to install them. You can get the Extension Manager in the Macromedia Exchange site.

All the extensions are done in Mac, but they will work in the PC version too (they are checked by MM in PC).

If you find a bug, have any suggestion, idea, comment... feel free to write us. Puedes escribirnos también en español.

If you want to receive info, news or betas about our extensions, just send us your email.


General notes about the instalation of our extensions:

  • If you are installing an upgrade of an extension, uninstall the old one first to avoid problems.
  • Some of the archives are used by various extensions, as "dmedia_UI.js", "dmedia_DOM.js", ... Always keep the newest version of them. The newest version will work with all the extensions. The installer will ask you, so take care.
  • It seems there's a bug in the DW Extension Manager that will corrupt the menus.xml file. It's very rare and the MM engineers don't know the reason yet. I've got that error for first time. The menus.xml is destroyed, so you loose all the menu changes (for the installed extensions).
    Make always a back up of the archive!.
    The menu.xml is in Dreamweaver/Configuration/Menus/menus.xml
    The menu.xbk is a security copy the EM realize. If you get that bug and the menu.xbk is still OK, just make a copy and rename it menu.xml
    More info about this bug:


Latest news:

  • Meta Generator has been choosed by Computer Arts (UK) magazine as one of the more importants DW extensions in their special issue #17.
  • Meta Generator has got more than 19.000 downloads and is one of the 40 most downloaded extensions.
  • Super Countries 2.2.0 has been sent to MM for approval.
  • Super Page Margins 1.2.0 has been approved by MM and got more than 2.000 downloads in few days.
  • Super SafeSurf 2.0.1 has been posted.
  • Super Date 1.1.0 has been posted.
  • Super Email 3.1.0 has been posted. More than two weeks as a top 5. 15.000 downloads.
  • Super Link Target 1.1.0 has been sent to MM for approval.
  • Working on several new extensions.
  • Dreamwarrior extensions have been reviewed by DesarrolloWeb. (in spanish).
  • Several new extensions being uploaded for approval.




Our extensions:

Meta Generator

Super Countries

Super Email

Super SafeSurf

Super Page Margins

Super Date

Super onMouseOver

Super Link Target


GILS Generator

Super Close Window

Super Alt Image


MM Exchange DW

Massimo Corner

Dreamweaver Bible

Public Domain

Al Sparber - PVII