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Super Alt Image

Super Alt Image is a powerful extension to control the ALT attributes of all the images in the document. You can change them globally, individually or a mix.
You see easily if any image has not got the Alt attribute.
The attributes are html encoded.


Latest news about Super Alt Image:

  • Version 1.1.0 has been sent for approval (5/06/2001).
  • Version 1.2.0 has been posted (14/06/2001).
  • It has got more than 11.300 downloads (7/01/2004).


Help for Super Alt Image:

General Notes:

  • Access from the Commands>Dreamwarrior> Super Alt Image.
  • If your page has got lots of images it may take some time to process all the page.
  • With DW3 you can get next error "setBusyCursor is not defined". Just change next 2 lines of code in configuration/commands/Super Alt Image.js:
    setBusyCursor(); ----> MM.setBusyCursor();
    restoreCursor(); ----> MM.clearBusyCursor()


Set the Alt Attribute Globally: Choose the text for the Alt attribute of all the images in the document. You can choose three options:

Custom: Same text for all the links.
Image name without extension: Uses the image name of each image without the extension (.gif, .jpeg, .jpg,...)
Image name with extension: Uses the image name of each image with the extension.


If Alt Attribute is Already Present: Choose what to do if Alt attribute is already present in a image.

  • Don't change it: Obvious.
  • Update it : It updates the Alt attribute to the new option.
  • Delete it : It deletes the Alt attributes that are equal to the "Set the Alt Attribute Globally".
    For example, if you insert in the Custom field: "blank space", it will delete all the alt="blank space" but not the rest.
    If "Set the Alt Attribute Globally" is empty it will delete all the Target attributes.


Set the Alt Attribute Individually: You can select an image of the document and change the Alt attribute for that image only. It has preference over the "Set the Alt attribute globally". The images are named following the next rules:

First the extension search an "id" attribute for each image. If not present it search a "name" attribute and finally it just take the name of the image from "img src". In any case, if the alt attribute is present it adds an "[alt] - " prefix to see easily if any alt attribute is lost.



Version 1.2.0: First public release.



Super Alt Image 1.2.0 is available at the Macromedia Exchange.



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