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Super onMouseOver

Super onMouseOver is an extension to set the onMouseOver text in links, so you can control the text that appears in the browser status bar. You can change the onMouseOver of all the links in the document or just the selected link.


Latest news about Super onMouseOver:

  • Version 1.0.0 has been posted in the MM Exchange.(21/3/2001).
  • It has got more than 2.000 downloads (28/3/2001).
  • I'm working in version 2.0.0. Probably it'll be named Super Link Status Bar.
  • More than 23.300 downloads (7/01/2004).


Help for Super onMouseOver:

General Notes:

  • It has got a really advanced UI. An "intelligent" interface that pre-select the possible options.


Set the onMouseOver text: Four options. If you select a link and it's got an onMouseOver, it's populated in the first field. Insert the text you want to. Text is translated to html.

  • Use Link Text: Insert automatically the text of the Link Text field. If "All Links" is selected, inserts the Link text of the related link.
  • Use Link: Insert automatically the text of the Link. As above if "All Links" is selected the link will be different in each case.
  • Leave Empty : Insert a blank space.

E-mail with "Use Link Text" on MouseOver
E-mail with "Use E-Mail" on MouseOver
E-mail with "Leave Empty" on MouseOver


Only the selected link or All links in document: If you select a link you will have both options available. If no link is selected it will be available the "All links" option only.
It's not needed to select the link entirely, just an insertion point and the extension will recognize the link.


If onMouseOver is already present: This option is only available if you have selected "All links in document". Two options:

  • Don't change it: If onMouseOver is already available in a link, it will not change it. If it's no onMouseOver it will add it.
  • Update it : onMouseOver will be updated or created as needed.



Version 1.0.0: First release.



Super onMouseOver 1.0.0 is available at the Macromedia Exchange.



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