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Super Email

Super Email is an extension to insert e-mail links with tons of options. You can insert optional Subject, CC, BCC, Body Message and/or OnMouseOver. The extension follow the RFC2368 mailto URL standars. Some programs may not support part of the standards.


Latest news about Super Email:

  • Version 2.0.1 has got more than 6.000 downloads (15/03/2001).
  • Version 3.0.0 has been posted in the MM Exchange.
  • Version 3.0.0 has got almost 14.000 downloads. One of the top 5 downloaded extensions last two weeks (28/03/2001).
  • Version 3.1.0 has been posted (28/03/2001).
  • Version 3.1.1 has got more than 25.000 downloads. More than one month as one of the top 5 downloaded extensions (17/04/2001).
  • Finishing version 4.0.0.
  • More than 58.100 downloads (7/01/2004).


Help for Super Email 4.0:

General Notes:

  • CC, BCC and/or Message must not be supported by all browsers or email programs specially old ones. I've followed the standards.
  • The E-mail field must be always inserted or no code will be created.
  • Insert just the needed fields. Not needed to insert all the fields.

Link Text: Insert the e-mail link text. Text is translated to html.

E-Mail address: Insert the e-mail address. E-mail is checked. You can insert more addresses separated with commas. In that case the extension follows the next pattern; mailto:address1?to=address2.

CC: Insert the optional CC (Carbon Copy) email. If needed more than one address, separate them with commas. webmaster@dmedia.net, info@macromedia.com

BCC: Insert the optional BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) email. If needed more than one address, separate them with commas as the CC.

Subject: Insert the optional E-mail Subject. Text is correctly encoded. So you can add áñçö"...

Message: Insert optional message body. Text is correctly encoded. You can write different lines if wanted.

Add fix for the IE5+ new line in the message bug: IE5 and IE 5.5 (we'll see IE6) have got another bug. They do not parse the Line Feed (LF) and Carriage Return (CR) characters properly. It's needed also a %25 in the code. If you check this option the %25 it's added but the line breaks will be ended with a %. More info about this error. The IE5+ line break bug.

Complete Example:
E-mail me

Status Bar: This is the OnMouseOver function (was named onMouseOver until version 4). Insert the text you want to appears in the browser status bar. Text is translated to html. Insert also an onMouseOut=' ' to avoid problems in the status bar.

Use Link Text: Insert automatically the text of the Link Text field.
Use E-Mail: Insert automatically the text of the E-Mail address field.
Leave Empty : Insert a blank space.

E-mail with "Use Link Text" on MouseOver
E-mail with "Use E-mail" on MouseOver
E-mail with "Leave Empty" on MouseOver

Anti-robots: Two different options to avoid the spamming.

Javascript function : You will not see the e-mail in DW but you can check it in the browser. With this option you can only use the Link text, the Email address and the Subject. Rest of options will be ignored.

Decimal encoding: Insert the decimal encoding of the link. So, for example, mailto is translated to "mailto". With this option you can use all the options, but only encodes the Email address, CC and BCC. The Link text is also encoded if it founds a @ inside.

Javascript example:
Encoded example: Info Request

Calculate the characters of the mailto tag: There's a limit in the size of the mailto tag depending on the system/program used. For example, Microsoft say in Outlook 9.0, running on Windows 2000, the tag limit is about 540 characters. I've checked it in Macintosh and it works with more than 5.000 characters. You can check it with this option if needed.

Save Settings: You can save your e-mail addresses or just part of them for future use.



Version 1.0.0: First release.
Version 2.0.1: First public release of Super Email after lots of alpha even a beta version. Added the Save settings option.
Version 3.0.0: Added the anti-robots options.
Version 3.1.0: Added onMouseOut events. Avoids errors in the status bar if you are using onMouseOver.
Version 3.1.1: Minor changes with onMouseOut / onMouseOver code.
Version 4.0.0: Code improvement, better UI, you can add various To addresses, option to fix the IE5+ bug, calculate the total of the mailto tag.



Super Email 3.1.1 is available at the Macromedia Exchange.



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