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Super Close Window

Super Close Window is an extension to insert "Close Window" links with several options. For regular or frameset windows. You can choose text link, image link or button link. You can change the text (it's correctly encoded). Also added onMouseOver. Text preferences are automatically saved.

Latest news about Super Close Window:

  • Version 1.0.1 has been sent for approval (6/6/2001).
  • Version 1.0.2 has been posted (14/6/2001).
  • More than 1.000 downloads the first day.
  • More than 30.300 downloads (7/01/2004).


Help for Super Close Window:

General Notes:

  • Access from the Insert>Dreamwarrior> Super Close Window or the Special Tab.
  • If the window you want to close isn't a child window, some browsers must ask "are you sure?". It can be avoided.

Insert Close Window Link as: Choose the kind of link you want. You have got three options;

  • Text: Insert a text link. You can choose the text.
  • Image: Insert an image link. You can add the alt attribute. It will be used for onMouseOver text.
  • Button: Insert a button.

    In all cases, text is html encoded and it's also used for onMouseOver. If you change the default text, it's automatically saved as new default.

Kind of Window: Choose Regular or Frameset. Use Frameset it the window got frames.



Version 1.0.2: First public release.



Super Close Window 1.0.2 is available at the Macromedia Exchange.



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